Sixty-minute world tour

04 August 2017

Freeport, The Bahamas :: Bahamians enjoy learning about different countries through cultural performances during an onboard event.

Creative clowning

28 July 2017

Nassau, The Bahamas :: Crewmembers in clown outfits teach children about forgiveness and restoring relationships.

What do we do now?

21 July 2017

Nassau, The Bahamas :: Logos Hope crewmembers devise a creative solution when the needs of the audience are different from what they had prepared for.

Recharging batteries

14 July 2017

Nassau, The Bahamas :: After a busy year welcoming thousands of visitors up her gangways, Logos Hope closes her doors to the public to give crewmembers a much-needed week of rest.

From wish to reality

04 July 2017

Montego Bay, Jamaica :: YWAM and Logos Hope volunteers join together to start a community library and literacy programme on YWAM's campus in Montego Bay.

A taste of cultural diversity

23 June 2017

Kingston, Jamaica :: Jamaican families participate in the event ‘Cultural Café’ to taste different foods, experience cultural performances, and learn more about other nations.

A wealth of knowledge

16 June 2017

Montego Bay, Jamaica :: Custos Claudette Bryan tells crewmembers the ship’s books bring a wealth of knowledge that cannot be measured by time and space.

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Just show up

09 June 2017

Kingston, Jamaica :: Thirteen crewmembers connect with people through school visits, a building project and eyesight testing during a one-week outreach in a remote community on the outskirts of Kingston.

Unforgiveness is like poison

02 June 2017

Kingston, Jamaica :: Ladies from Logos Hope visit Wortley Home for Girls to talk about human trafficking and abuse, and to bless the teens with a day of girl-time.

Insight from a professional

26 May 2017

Kingston, Jamaica :: American gospel singer and songwriter Babbie Mason leads a workshop and critiquing session for aspiring Jamaican songwriters.