Colombian clowns

12 January 2018

Barranquilla, Colombia :: Logos Hope's volunteers speak the international language of mime as they learn how to clown around as a means of connecting.

Bienvenido a América latina!

22 December 2017

Santa Marta, Colombia :: Logos Hope is welcomed to a new region of the world, where the ship's community is adjusting to a new language.

Christmas comes early!

15 December 2017

Saint George's, Grenada :: A community library receives an early Christmas gift of 250 new books from Logos Hope.

Opening eyes, touching hearts

09 December 2017

Saint George's, Grenada :: Elderly residents of a care home receive new glasses from Logos Hope's crewmembers.

Making friend-ships!

01 December 2017

Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines :: Elderly people receive a visit from crewmembers and share their memories of the book ship.

Books to uplift

24 November 2017

Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines :: Logos Hope opens her bookfair to Vincentians and is commended by the Deputy Prime Minister of the islands.

Falling for it

17 November 2017

Bridgetown, Barbados :: Schoolchildren fall for the tricks human traffickers could use on them - and are warned of the consequences by a team from Logos Hope.

Special permission

10 November 2017

Bridgetown, Barbados :: A government minister skips official business for an exceptional event - a visit to Logos Hope.

A better pastime

03 November 2017

Castries, Saint Lucia :: A youth initiative is launched with a football tournament, attended by Logos Hope's crew.

Where the story starts

27 October 2017

Castries, Saint Lucia :: Meet Logos Hope's newest captain, who's fulfilling a childhood dream to take the helm of our ship.